A note to our community:

Over the past 5 years, we've opened our doors to over 20,000+ guests from around the world. Now more than ever, it's important for neighbors to extend each other care and hospitality as we face these uncertain times together. That's why we've decided to start offering steep discounts for extended stays, making space more accessible for those who need it.

Take care of each other,


Our doors are open.

We're offering 40%+ off our homes for upcoming extended stays.

Suited for Social Distancing

Social distancing is recommended to flatten the curve of infection. Our homes are self-contained, private units away from crowded places but in

convenient locations. 

Furnished to Meet Your Needs

We typically host out-of-town guests, so other than your personal necessities, we have what you need to maintain some normalcy. High-speed internet, fully furnished, comfortable homes.

Clean & Convenient

Our team has been thoroughly trained to sanitize properties before and after each guest. Self check-in is easy, terms are flexible & our team is available to support you from 8AM to 10PM every day.

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